I am very thankful for having the opportunity to have had Angela mediate a separation agreement between my former spouse and I.

Angela kept me organized, made experience based suggestions, and was very sensitive to my particular needs, as I have PTSD. Angela was beyond just supportive, using her experience and other professional contacts to make sure I received other vital assistance such as refinancing my mortgage and by suggesting an outstanding accountant.

I highly recommend Angela and remain in contact with her and continue to use her as a resource within the professional community in HRM!

With sincerest thanks and appreciation

Dennis Manuge


My name is Treena Corkum. My husband and I are in our mid-fifties with an income of almost $100,000. One would think we would have a lot put away for our retirement. Unfortunately, we do not. We have struggled with how we manage our money for years. The main thing being credit card debt. We paid off credits cards several times only to rack them up again.

We had taken out a RRSP loan at one point. We were supposed to pay off credit cards with this and used the money for other things.

When Angela came into the picture she wanted to work with our debt as well. So we remortgaged with a lower interest rate to help with our cash flow. I am embarrassed to say at one point we started to fall back into our old ways. She was checking up on us on regular basis by coming to our house and us giving her copies of our statements. She was disappointed in us when she realized we did not listen. My husband and I were, also, disappointed in ourselves and truly felt we had just wasted her time.

We finally made a promise to her to change. She set us a strict cash flow for us to follow and thankfully it has worked. Funny thing, it has been easier than we thought. We do not even take as much cash out of our account as what our cash flow allows. We will never let ourselves get into a situation like that ever again. As a result of this we are under a lot less stress and our able to do more things.

We hope this will help other families to hang tough and stick with this because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We both feel very grateful to have met Angela and thankful that she believed in us.

We really could not have done this without her.

-Treena Corkum


I met Angela Mercier back in 2006. Many people told me she was financially savvy. I approached her about my finances and decided to take the plunge and work with Mercier. I felt, I had come to a dead end in my finances. Mercier was working for a mortgage broker at that time and I was in a typical mortgage with a typical bank. She looked at my full financial situation and made many recommendations based on my needs and recommended many changes.

As a result of working with her, I have come full circle. I focused with Mercier to become financially smart. This is one of the best things I have done, because it did send me on a road to success. I sold my renovated Dartmouth, Nova Scotia home in 2009 and moved across the country to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to attend graduate school. In Winnipeg, I purchased a small home that allowed me to return to graduate school on a strict budget. I completed graduate school in 2012.

I have returned to Nova Scotia and was able to purchase another home, plus operating my own business again. Listening to Mercier, no matter how difficult it is; it is smart business for you and your family. As I said, I have come full circle working with Mercier. I highly recommend Mercier’s financial services.

Mary Ellen McMurtry


I came to Angela through a friend who has her as a financial planner, and WOW! Angela met one-on-one with me, took all my information and broke it all down. She showed me exactly where my money was going and I was shocked! She showed me things that I really should be paying attention to! She put me on a cash system, told me exactly where my money had to go to get out of debt! Angela helps you work towards your current goals, and helps you achieve them. Without her, I would be lost – and probably in more debt! Angela provides great one-onone service, provides a personal and objective approach, and overall genuinely cares about my wellbeing and desire to reach my financial goals! Do as she says – you won’t regret it :)

-Tanya Dalton, BAA CHYS

Director Little Ladybug’s Child Care Center