Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Meet Halifax Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Angela MercierThe clients I’ve worked with as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst come from different stages of life and with different experiences. However, they all have one thing in common:

They are going thru a separation and/or divorce.

Although it’s not easy, you’ll need to take emotion out of your calculations and take control of your finances. I can help figure it out with you-

  • How your cashflow will be impacted both positively and or negatively today and in 2, 5 10 years.
  • If you keep the house how will your cashflow be impacted now and in the future
  • What happens to your pension, retirement saving etc…? not all pensions are the same
  • Save You money – My clients tell me that they have saved money because they stop fighting with their spouse thus stops the lawyer’s bill from escalating.
  • Get you in contact with the right Professional- Lawyers, Psychologists, Mediators etc….

I work with a lot of great lawyers, Psychologist and Mediators (not all professionals are the same).


Mediation with Angela Mercier, Halifax, Nova Scotia Mediatiator for Divorce and Small Business CDFAMediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties, the mediator assists the parties with how to create a settlement that is agreed to by all parties.

Your marriage, family or business partnership in trouble? Get the financial expertise you need without litigation.

From the division of marital assets to contested wills to business severance packages to buyouts: whether personal or professional, a relationship in conflict can be costly. And if the conflict makes its way to litigation, the financial and emotional consequences can cost even more…

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a financial Planner I bring my business experience, financial experience, expertise, compassion and commitment to resolve financial issues.  In ways that are non-adversarial, fair and in the best interests of all. When families are going through Divorce mediation allows them to create a unique agreement putting their children first.

Why Mediation and not hire lawyers?

  • Less Emotionally Damaging
  • More Efficient and Private
  • More Affordable
  • The results bring into account all parties interests

Financial Planning

Work with Halifax Area Financial Planner Angela MercierYou know what your Financial Goals are for your Family, Career and/or Business, but you may not have the time, expertise nor desire to navigate all the options of building a sound financial plan.

That’s where I can help. I will walk you through all the choices that are available. I recognize individual differences and know there’s no cookie cutter solution. I will focus on your priorities and guide you to the end result you want. . Developing a Financial plan that allows you to live with purpose- the goals you and your spouse set for your family and or business which may include:

  • Starting a Business
  • Saving for Trips
  • Creating a Bucket list
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Selling your business
  • Moving UK pensions to Canada
  • Living in Retirement
  • Wealth Transferring

Not all Financial Planners are the same I am a Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analysis. In addition to specializing in the areas of divorce, I am an expert in cash flow management, retirement, wealth transfer, investments, legacy, insurance over sea pension transfers, estate planning and group benefits.ck Star Wealth Partners

I believe that sound Financial Planning starts with cash flow planning, it is the foundation of your financial life-both your spending and debt management. Once I understand your financial direction, I can create a plan that best suits your needs. You can absolutely live the lifestyle you want and have a plan for the future that will change over time as your priorities change.