Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

 The clients I’ve worked with as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst come from different stages of life and with different experiences. However, they all have one thing in common: They are going thru a separation and/or divorce.

child holding parents hands

Although it’s not easy, you’ll need to take emotion out of your calculations and take control of your finances. I can help figure it out with you-

    • How your cashflow will be impacted both positively and or negatively today and in 2, 5 10 years.
    • If you keep the house how will your cashflow be impacted now and in the future
    • What happens to your pension, retirement saving etc…? not all pensions are the same
    • Save You money – My clients tell me that they have saved money because they stop fighting with their spouse thus stops the lawyer’s bill from escalating.
  • Get you in contact with the right Professional- Lawyers, Psychologists, Mediators etc…. I work with a lot of great lawyers, Psychologist and Mediators (not all professionals are the same) .

Meet Halifax Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Angela Mercier